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Welcome to Impact Krav Maga and Fitness located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We offer self-defense classes, Krav Maga for kids and fitness classes in a fun, encouraging, supportive environment. We will challenge you and we are committed to your growth on and off the training floor.

Be part of an amazing and supportive community that celebrates all levels of ability. Join us for a free introductory session!

Impact Krav Maga & Fitness Team

Our Coaching Team

You can expect that your Impact Krav Maga and Fitness instructors are professional, knowledgeable and that they have met the highest standards of Krav Maga Alliance certification.

Lance Connelly | Impact KMF
Owner / Head Instructor

Lance Connelly

Berni Huber
Krav Maga Instructor

Berni Huber

Miguel Renteria
Krav Maga Instructor

Miguel Renteria

Andi Semenik hitting heavy bag
Krav Maga / Fitness Instructor

Andi Semenik

Felipe Costa | BJJ Instructor
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Felipe Costa

Stuart Cooper | BJJ Instructor
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Stuart Cooper

Michael Kim - BJJ Coach at Impact KMF
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Michael Kim


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Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, a free trial class is an excellent opportunity to give us a try before making any commitments.

To access the free trial class, download our app from the Google Play store. The app can be used to book your free trial and see the schedule of available classes.

    Excellent4.8 Based on 33 reviews from review us onilli Jo Nathan Diverseilli Jo Nathan Diverse ★★★★★ Been hitting the Krav Maga classes for about a month now. Really enjoying these classes. They are fun, playful and focus around partner work and combat basics rather than the overly complex and unrealistic techniques. Lance is a solid and supportive instructor. These classes compliment my foundation in traditional CMA and JMA.Jonny MarshallJonny Marshall ★★★★★ Only went to this gym a couple of times as we were just passing through, but it’s an absolutely fantastic place. The staff are so friendly and welcoming and they offer classes for all levels. This is one of the first places that stays true to a “beginner” class. Too many martial arts gyms have very advanced people in the beginners class, especially BJJ. The beginners class at this gym was the perfect level. Would absolutely be a regular here if I lived in VCR!Kelly M KimKelly M Kim ★★★★★ Wow! what an amazing session! I tried my first-ever kickboxing and conditioning class was a lot of fun ! I was initially interested in Krav Maga but came in for free-trial conditioning & kickboxing. This was a really good cardio and conditioning workout! Next week I'm going to try Krav Maga classes:DS SharpS Sharp ★★★★★ I am visiting the Vancouver area for the first time. I started attending Krav Maga classes in 2019 at another gym in the Detroit area (Krav Maga Detroit). It was an absolute pleasure to attend a Krav class at Impact Krav Maga & Fitness. I highly recommend Impact Krav Maga & Fitness for excellent Krav Maga and fitness. I wish at had more time in Vancouver area, so I could take more classes at Impact Krav Maga & Fitness.Darina VekhovaDarina Vekhova ★★★★★ Daragh O'BrienDaragh O'Brien ★★★★★ I was blown away on my first session. The best decision my girlfriend and I ever made!Tuyi3nde SasTuyi3nde Sas ★★★★★ Absolutely love this place!With my current goal of gaining strength, chiseling kickboxing techniques and to get back in shape, the conditioning training at Impact is checking all boxes and even more.My intro class was with Andi and I have continued training with Lance.I have felt welcomed right off the bat and it was very nice to see the camaraderie of the group. People are friendly, supportive and taking training seriously.The classes are very well thought out, versatile and challenging (in a good way).When it comes to training, I like kickboxing and powerlifting the most and I was very happy to see that there is a well balanced focus on cardio and strength training.Undoubtedly Lance has extensive experience and knowledge and a great care for people. He is always paying attention to everyone, giving useful pointers and form corrections.I cannot emphasize enough how awesome this place is! You have to just come in and try it out!BrynBryn ★★★★★ I want to say that my choice was correct, My daughter was a little hesitant at first, but after observing for a while, we officially started classes, Andi and Lance are very patient, In every class, they spend more time on my daughter, I am very grateful, really, thank you.Jacques W. MartiquetJacques W. Martiquet ★★★★★ The instructors exceeded my expectations. They are pro teachers. People are friendly, classes are fun and serious learning at the same time!Pa WileyPa Wiley ★★★★★ Something for everyone! Very welcoming gym with loads of beginners while also having a good group of experienced members. The coaches are very knowledgeable and can seamlessly adapt to all levels of experiencesJennifer GrundyJennifer Grundy ★★★★★ My teen loves this and really is enjoying the classes! She’s learning a lot of and it helps her immensely. Highly recommend.!Catherine RukinCatherine Rukin ★★★★★ Just went to one Krav Maga class and learned so much already! Left feeling invigorated and empowered. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming. Can’t wait to go again!Kamsi OramasionwuKamsi Oramasionwu ★★★★★ Super welcoming and encouraging!J JJ J ★★★★★ This is a great self defence/fitness gym to train at. What keeps me coming back is the positive atmosphere Lance creates here. He knows Krav Maga inside and out and can answer almost any question you have. The gym is very well equipped and you can tell care has been put into the studio.Lance has assembled a great team around him too:Andi teaches kick boxing and cardio classes and has so much enthusiasm for fitness, she can motivate almost anybody to leave nothing behind and get the most out of their work out.Miguel really cares about his Krav Maga students and will take the time to break down any technique. He is a great instructor to work with.Bernie will often setup the best dynamic station based fitness Krav Maga classes that will keep you working and not realizing how hard you are working the whole time through.Julie PaulJulie Paul ★★★★★ I’ve been doing Krav classes led by Lance for a month now. I have been very impressed with the mobility warmups, modifications/progression options for the conditioning exercises, and cueing for kickboxing mechanics to avoid injury.The teaching of the self defense skills is also very clear, tailored to the learner’s skill level, and students are paired with an appropriate partner (size & gender when possible).All students have been very friendly and respectful of newcomers and their abilities.As a health care professional myself, it’s challenging to find gyms that are trauma-informed. In my communication before attending classes, I was very satisfied with the level of mental health awareness that Lance demonstrated.Very supportive environment, I would encourage anyone to try a class and bring questions or concerns in advance to help your comfort level!Brook RobazzaBrook Robazza ★★★★★ The Impact Krava Maga crew and especially Lance are extremely welcoming to newcomers and great to learn from!Stu KilianStu Kilian ★★★★★ I've been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for many years. I recently began training at Impact with professor Filipe. What has impressed me most thus far is the high level technical skills of his beginner students. If you've never trained before and are looking for a safe and fun environment to learn BJJ, I highly recommend taking your first class at Impact. If you've trained before and are looking for a new place to improve your game, definitely come meet professor Filipe. So glad I was inspired to check out this dojo.David MinaeiDavid Minaei ★★★★★ Roman GalperinRoman Galperin ★★★★★ Best coaching staff in town hands down!!Alex KAlex K ★★★★★ Marko KrsmanovicMarko Krsmanovic ★★★★★ Francesca ChiamFrancesca Chiam ★★★★★ I have been training at Impact for almost a year now, and I never felt the need to find another gym. Going to a Krav maga and fitness gym can seem intimidating in the sense that it’s hard not to compare yourself to others who showcase top-level skills. However, there are students of ALL skill levels in these classes. The atmosphere in every class is non-judgmental and supportive (no room for toxic energy here!!). You can feel confident in being met where you’re, whether you’re a beginner or a black-belt.Also, Lance is SO good at breaking down complicated movements into simpler steps, so it makes every move/exercise feel achievable. He is very perceptive to what students are struggling with and never makes you feel bad about your skill level. Also, shoutout to Bernie and Miguel!! aside from being very knowledgeable instructors, they’re so fun to be around and very approachable. Ive had only one or two sessions of cardio smash with Andi a while back but she’s also super nice and an incredible instructor. everyone has good things to say about her!I’ve learnt from all these instructors that Krav Maga is not just about how hard you can hit, it’s about building a mindset of perseverance. If you want to learn beyond technical skills, feel empowered, and be part of a fun community, this is the place to be!!KimKim ★★★★★ Impact is great! So happy I found this place. Instructors are awesome, people are very nice and the workouts are hard ( in the best way). 100% recommendKimKim ★★★★★ Jean-Paul PlanteJean-Paul Plante ★★★★★ Bonnie HastingsBonnie Hastings ★★★★★ I’ve trained at many fitness facilities / Martial Schools. I can honestly say that this school is one of the best! There is true sincerity in the teaching style, the skills are effective & needed for this life.I recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn self defence and get in shape!You won’t regret it!Dmitry BatishchevDmitry Batishchev ★★★★★ Excellent place to hit some pads, check your cardio fitness or learn how to defend yourself. Great training staff. The place is not big but very popular - reserve your spot!Jennifer DiggensJennifer Diggens ★★★★★ This gym is amazing. I was living in Vancouver over the summer and had the pleasure of attending Andi's classes. WOW. Definitely my favourite classes I've ever attended!Kevin ShelastKevin Shelast ★★★★★ Without a doubt one of the most rewarding and well-rounded fitness experiences ever. The staff is 100% first-class, which is clearly evident in their professional team-approach to create classes that are welcoming for newcomers, but challenging for skilled and experienced athletes.Nikolai KhlystovNikolai Khlystov ★★★★★ This is the best gym for self defence in Vancouver. And since some other Krav Maga students visited us from other cities including USA, I can tell that it is probably among the top gyms in North America! I've been training with Lance for several years and I honestly cannot imagine a better instructor. He is always positive and encouraging, pays attention to all students, and very knowledgeable. He also has a talent for teaching. The folks that attend classes are nice and fun, but train hard. I am always happy to to to class. I am sure that as long as Lance keep teaching, I will not be looking for another self defence gym!Robert SchmidtRobert Schmidt ★★★★★ Solid gym and great trainersjs_loader
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    Creating a fun, encouraging and supportive environment to train in is something that we will never compromise on. Come in and check us out!

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