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Corporate & Group
Self-Defense Seminars

Corporate & Group Self-Defense Seminars

Looking for a unique team-building activity for your organization or group of friends? Give one of our group self-defense seminars a try!

Our seminars are a great way to get an introduction to Krav Maga training for your employees or friend group. The training is fun and interactive making it a unique team-building opportunity.

Your seminar will include basic striking as well as self-defense techniques and tactics to combat common attacks. We can also work together to cater the session to any specific needs you may have.

Sessions are typically 90 minutes in length with a class limit of 20 adults.

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Corporate & Group Self-Defense Seminars
Corporate & Group Self-Defense Seminars

We loved our team building event

“We loved our team building event at Impact Krav Maga & Fitness. The instructors were amazing, it was very empowering to learn practical self defence tools that pertain to the real world, all the while having fun, laughing, and enjoying ourselves”.

“I would highly recommend Krav Maga for any corporate event or team building activity”

Dr. Allana Polo

Institutional Client Services

I immediately felt empowered

“What a great experience it was to have the Impact Crew guide us through just a few moves. I immediately felt empowered. The world is an intimidating place and what Impact is doing is so beneficial to the community.”

“Though we had fun, I do not think self-defence should be taken lightly. I am grateful for our time we got with the Impact, and I hope I see them soon.”

“Many Thanks.”


Institutional Client Services
Corporate Self-Defense Classes

Workout for Women’s Day

DIALOG has chosen to sponsor Workout for Women’s day for the past two years. Each year, we’re drawn by the impact their curated charities have in our communities; the empowerment they provide for those who identify as female who might otherwise face barriers to valuable services.

The corporate workout class is an added bonus, which is professional, fun, and supports spreading the word of the good that we can all do to support women, and girls around International Women’s Day and every day.

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Creating a fun, encouraging and supportive environment to train in is something that we will never compromise on. Come in and check us out!

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